Black Ice Art - Gallery 5
Here are some examples of Khem's artwork  in conjunction with  3 Rivers Publishing  (
"THE STATION" 16"x20" (#1 of a 5-part collection)
"THE SOLDIER16"x20" (#2 of a 5-part collection)
"THE MOVIE" 16"x20" (#3 of a 5-part collection)
"THE BOYCOTT" 16"x20" (#4 of a 5-part collection)
​"SEPARATE BUT EQUAL" 16"x20" (#5 of a 5-part collection)

The artists and writers at Three Rivers Publishing (3RP) welcome you to our websites. Through our artwork, writings and special projects we will present people, places and events that are both historically significant and socially relevant

We will tell the "human story", that which brings out the best in all of us and that which unite rather than divide. 

Although much has been written, recorded and published, much remain unpublished, unrecognized, undervalued and unrecorded. 

Too many stories remain untold, too many people unrecognized and too many places and events compromised, trivialized and reduced to historical footnotes.  

Three Rivers Publishing goal is to inspire,to enlighten and to educate. 

Peace to all who visit the website and remember what you 
think you become. 

Come back often because there is always something new at 3RP and remember comments and suggestions are welcome.

Three Rivers Publishing,
Black Ice Art
***Jim Crow: Perspectives on Canvas***
 "The Station," Biloxi, Mississippi, (circa 1940)
 "The Soldier," Scottsboro, Alabama, (circa 1944)
 "At The Movies," Greensboro, North Carolina (circa 1956)
   "The Bus Boycott," Memphis, Tennessee (circa 1960)  
 "Separate But Equal," Richmond, Virginia (circa 1962)
                            ***Pittsburgh Pirates (Est. 1887)***
On September 1, 1971 in a game against the Philadelphia Phillies, the Pittsburgh Pirates became the first Major League team to field an all black starting line-up. Managed by the "Whistling Irishman" Danny Murtaugh, the 1971 Pirates represented baseball's most heavily integrated team, with Blacks and Latinos players comprising nearly fifty percent (50%) of the roster. Talented, confident and proud, the 1971 Pirates went on to defeat the Baltimore Orioles in the 1971 World Series.